Why Locale


Onsite 24/7 management enabling us to build a strong rapport with owners and residents daily, keeping our finger on the pulse.

Owner operated company with a vested financial interest in the proper management and operation of each complex, providing security for your investment.

Onsite managers available to grant entry and supervise tradespeople on behalf of owners and or the Body Corporate, where required.

Extensive experience in the strata and development industries enabling us to work through all building defects with the developer, builder and body corporate committee/strata manager.

Work closely with Body Corporate Committees to ensure all issues relating to the maintenance and general running of the scheme are managed effectively.  We ensure all works are approved and scheduled in alignment with body corporate legislation.


All prospective tenants are interviewed by licensed and qualified property managers, who will always accompany a prospective tenant when inspecting a unit for letting.

Daily monitoring of rental payments to effectively manage any potential arrears.


Timely Identification of and attendance to cleanliness and maintenance issues in managed properties to preserve the value of your asset.