Property Management
and Letting Services

Onsite Building Manager

Provide an experienced professional onsite team to manage residential and commercial properties, whilst monitoring the operations of the property.

Rental Arrears

Rental arrears are handled under our strict collection policy, with the owner notified at each step:

  • 1-2 day overdue – polite ‘reminder’ email and SMS sent
  • 5 days overdue – email, SMS and phone contact made
  • 7 days overdue – Form 11 Breach Notice issued, followed by email, SMS and phone contact and a property inspection
  • 14 days overdue – a ‘Notice to Leave (Form 12)’ is served to the tenant requiring them to either bring their rental into credit or vacate the premises

Where required a further application to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal will be made to obtain an eviction which Locale will execute.


Ensure the tenant understands house rules/by-laws to protect common property and environment.

Advertise Vacancies

Easy listing of any vacancies on property portals such as and, as well as our internal tenant waiting list.


Onsite letting service to lease vacant premises having regard to market rent and minimising vacancy rates.


Collect rent in advance from tenant, with monthly payments transferred to owners, out of Trust, on no later than the 5th business day of each month.

Financial Statements

Easy listing of any vacancies on property portals such as and, as well as our internal tenant waiting list.

Legislative Compliance

Comply and stay updated with all legislative requirements including smoke alarm regulations.


Undertake comprehensive routine quarterly inspections providing detailed photos and a general condition report to owners, ensuring the property is being maintained in accordance with the lease.


Collect tenancy bond and maintain in a register, lodging all bond payments with the statutory body.

Landlords Insurance

We recommend all owners protect themselves with landlord insurance and contents insurance for furnished lots.

Lease Renewals/Rent Reviews

Send our renewal recommendation to the owner 12 weeks prior to the end of the current lease term, ensuring sufficient time for renewal offer to tenant.


Thorough check of tenant suitability via detailed tenancy applications, rental history, financial status, references and suitability checks.

Overhead Payments

Issue overhead payments on behalf of owners for items such as rates and body corporate levies from rental income where requested.

Building Management Services

Defect Management

Provide assistance for new properties in identifying, logging and rectifying any defects during the Defects Liability Period.

Service Contracts

Administer all service contracts and monitor contractor performance and compliance.


Provide recommendations for energy and water saving initiatives, leveraged from our experience in the body corporate and utility management industries.

Occupier Management

Monitor occupiers abidance with house rules/by-laws and report any breach to the Body Corporate Committee and Manager.


Maintain high presentation of the property with particular focus on cleaning, security and landscaping.

Subcontractor Management

Ensure all contractors complete a full site induction and possess sufficient insurances prior to conducting any onsite works.


Maintain scheduled preventative maintenance ensuring ongoing safety measures are in place throughout the property.

Project Management

Support the Body Corporate by providing project management services for capital works (subject to a separate scope and fee structure).

Repairs and Maintenance

Arrange any tenders, quotes and undertake any necessary repairs and maintenance via our trusted and highly skilled tradespeople.


Arrange Essential Service Coordination and statutory compliance across all plant and equipment.

Risk Management

Work to ensure strict access controls are in place to avoid overcrowding of units, common property and prevent out of hours access to restricted areas.